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ignou b.ed admission

IGNOU B.ED Admission

IGNOU B.ED admission | Syllabus, Eligibility & fee Structure

Indira Gandhi National Open University is offering a Bachelor of Education (B.ED) program from a distance mode only, providing aspiring teachers with the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge & skills in the field of education. The flexibility of IGNOU’s distance education model gives it a unique option for individuals seeking a B.ED degree. This article provides an overview of IGNOU B.ED admission 2024, including details on eligibility criteria, syllabus, and fees.

ignou b.ed admission


ignou b.ed admission

IGNOU BED Admission 2024

IGNOU Distance Education course

B.ED from IGNOU: The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) program has been designed with the aim of developing an understanding of the teaching-learning process at the upper primary/secondary and senior secondary levels between student & teachers. The program aims to help student-teachers critically reflect on various educational perspectives and holistically integrate Practical & Theory to facilitate the active engagement of learners for knowledge creation.

IGNOU B.ED Admission is a two-year distance program from Indira Gandhi National Open University for those students who have completed an NCTE Recognized Teacher education program through a face-to-face model (Regular mode) like D.EL.ED | JBT | BTC | DIET with graduation or Masters in Arts / Science / Commerce / Humanity or equivalent with minimum 55% marks.

IGNOU BED Course – Objective :

      • The Acquiring a deeper comprehension of the educational landscape in modern India.

      • Recognizing the importance of context and the social and political context of learners in promoting learning in an inclusive environment,

      • Being sensitive to the impact of language diversity on the classroom experience, and understanding the shift in the way disciplinary knowledge is conceptualized in the school curriculum.

      • Identifying, confronting, and addressing gender inequalities in schools, classrooms, curricula, textbooks, and social environment etc.

      • Enabling student-teachers to gain the essential skills for planning educational experiences.

      • Facilitating learning by developing the skills of student-teachers and employing suitable assessment methods.

      • Engaging student-teachers in building strong connections between various areas of the curriculum, such as self, child, community, and school.

      • Helping student-teachers integrate and use ICT to support teaching and learning, as well as school management.

      • Organizing experiences to enhance the professional skills of student teachers.

      • Offering practical knowledge of school activities by involving student-teachers as interns in upper primary/secondary/senior secondary schools.

    IGNOU BED Admission Eligibility Criteria :

    1. **Bachelor’s Degree:** Aspiring candidates should have completed their Bachelor’s degree or higher in any discipline from a recognized university or institution.

    2. **Teaching Experience:** Applicants with a teaching experience of at least two years in a Government or Government-aided school or in a school recognized by the central or state government are eligible. The background should be in service at the time of applying for admission.

    3. **Valid Teaching Certificate:** Candidates should also possess a valid teaching certificate in elementary education (D.EL.ED / DIET / JBT FROM NCTE Recognised College).

    It is important to note that meeting the eligibility criteria is not a guarantee of admission in IGNOU, as admission shall be made on the basis of merit scores awarded in the online entrance exams conducted by NTA all over India.

    ignou bed entrance


    ignou bed entrance

    IGNOU BED Admission Process

    The admission process for IGNOU B.ED typically involves the following steps:

    IGNOU BED Admission online Application Form

    1. **IGNOU B.ED Online Form:** Candidates must fill out the form on the official IGNOU website. The form can be submitted online.

    IGNOU BED Entrance Exam 2024

    2. **IGNOU B.ED Admission Entrance Examination:** IGNOU will conduct an entrance examination for B.ED admission through distance mode. The exam assesses the candidate’s general knowledge and teaching aptitude. Candidates should prepare for topics such as reasoning, language proficiency, public awareness, and teaching aptitude. Registration charges for entrance exam is Rs. 1,000 (not refundable).

    IGNOU BED Counselling 

    3. **Counseling/Interview:** Some regional centers may conduct counseling sessions or interviews as part of the admission process.

    IGNOU B.ED Admission 2024 Fees :

    The fee structure for the IGNOU B.ED Admission is subject to change, and you are advised to visit the official IGNOU portal for the most recent information. As of the last update, the approximate fee for the B.ED Course in delhi 2 year program is Rs. 55,000 for the complete course.

    Important Note – Those students who just have completed Graduation / Post Graduation only and don’t have diploma in teaching from NCTE Recg college (like JBT | DIET | D.EL.ED), can’t join BED From Distance mode (Neither from IGNOU nor from MDU/KUK or any other recg. univ providing distance b.ed). You can only join regular B.ED from any college of any state.

    Click to know more about Regular B.ED Colleges.

    b.ed course details


    b.ed course details


    The IGNOU B.ED Admission program provides an in-depth knowledge of educational theory and pedagogy and real-life teaching situations. The curriculum includes both theory and practical components. The syllabus covers various subjects, including:

    1. **Childhood and Growing Up** – This study aims to equip future educators with a profound understanding of the various stages of childhood, exploring the Social-emotional and physical aspects of growth. Candidates engage in an exploration of influential factors, including family dynamics, societal influences, and cultural contexts, to comprehend the multifaceted nature of a child’s evolving identity. The module encourages a reflective approach, enabling aspiring teachers to appreciate the uniqueness of each child’s developmental journey.

    2. **Contemporary India and Education** – module in the B.Ed program at IGNOU provides a dynamic exploration of the intersection between the educational landscape and the socio-cultural fabric of modern India. This study aims to equip future educators with a comprehensive understanding of the evolving educational policies, challenges, and opportunities in the contemporary Indian context.

    Participants delve into critical analyses of societal changes, technological advancements, and the role of education in fostering inclusivity and social equity. The module encourages a reflective approach, allowing aspiring teachers to connect theory with the practical realities of the Indian education system.

    By engaging with current issues and trends, participants in the “Contemporary India and Education” study gain insights that enable them to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing dialogue on educational reform and development in the country.

    3. **Learning and Teaching** – The “Learning and Teaching” module within the B.Ed program at IGNOU is a pivotal component that delves into the intricate dynamics of effective pedagogy. This study is designed to provide future educators with a nuanced understanding of the learning process and the art of facilitating it.

    Participants engage in an exploration of various learning theories, instructional strategies, and assessment methods to create an inclusive and engaging learning environment. The module emphasizes the role of the teacher as a facilitator, encouraging reflective practices to refine teaching techniques.

    Through case studies, practical applications, and collaborative learning experiences, aspiring teachers gain insights into tailoring their strategies to cater to learners’ needs in different ways.

    4. **Language Across the Curriculum** – The module in the B.Ed program at IGNOU stands as a cornerstone for educators aiming to integrate language skills seamlessly into various subjects. This study focuses on the pivotal role of language as a tool for communication, comprehension, and critical thinking across diverse academic disciplines.

    Participants delve into strategies for fostering language proficiency and literacy skills within the context of different subjects, recognizing the symbiotic relationship between language and content knowledge.

    The module emphasizes the importance of language as a means of acquiring and expressing knowledge, promoting a holistic approach to teaching and learning.

    5. **Understanding Disciplines and Subjects** – The module in the B.Ed program at IGNOU is a critical exploration into the foundations and intricacies of various academic disciplines. This study aims to equip future educators with a comprehensive understanding of the distinct nature of disciplines and subjects, fostering a deeper appreciation for the diverse knowledge domains they will engage within the classroom.

    Participants delve into the epistemological underpinnings, methodologies, and core concepts of different disciplines, providing a holistic perspective on subject-specific pedagogy. By critically examining the unique ways in which knowledge is structured and generated within fields, aspiring teachers gain insights into tailoring their instructional aspects to meet the distinct requirements and attributes of each subject.

    6. **Gender, School, and Society** – module within the B.Ed program at IGNOU is a crucial exploration into the intricate dynamics between gender, education, and societal structures. This study aims to sensitize future educators to the multifaceted impact of gender on the educational experience.

    Participants engage in an in-depth analysis of how societal norms, cultural biases, and institutional structures influence and shape gender roles within educational settings. The module encourages a critical examination of the challenges and opportunities associated with fostering gender equity in schools.

    The “Gender, School, and Society” study not only equips educators with a gender-sensitive perspective but also inspires them to be agents of change, contributing to the creation of more equitable and inclusive educational spaces. This module plays a vital role in preparing educators to address societal inequities and biases within the classroom, fostering an environment that promotes gender justice and equality.

    7. **Pedagogy of School Subject – I & II (Choose any two from Science, Mathematics, Social Science, and English)**


    Documents required:

        • 10th, 12th & graduation/post graduation Mark-sheet/Certificate/Degree.

        • Adhaar card.

        • passport size photos.

      • Email ID & 2 Contact no.’s.
      Conclusion :

      Most of the Students who are just Graduate or Post Graduate with teaching Diploma & are not Eligible for Distance B.ED are advised to fill our Inquiry form or Call on our Helpline No. & our team will guide you for Colleges near you to get admission in Regular B.ED from Haryana. classes will be in Offline Mode & Online Mode.


      Is B.ED from IGNOU valid

      Obviously Yes, as its Distance B.ED Course is Recognised by UGC & NCTE both. After Completing B.ED from IGNOU, you can apply in Govt & Private Schools Both.

      can i do B.Ed from IGNOU

      Yes if you have completed Diploma in Education (D.ED / D.EL.ED / JBT) from a recognised board and having 2 years of Experience in school then you can apply for B.ED from IGNOU.

      Can i do b.ed and ma together

      Yes, You can do Regular or Distance B.ED with distance MA together. 1 Regular Degree & 1 distance degree simultaneously are valid as per UGC guidelines updated in 2017.

      Can i do MSC and b.ed together

      if your MSC prog is provided by Distance University then yes you can do it with B.ED but if its a Regular Degree you want to peruse with regular B.ED, then it will be considered as invalid course.

      What is B.ED special Education

      "Special B.Ed" typically refers to a specialized Bachelor of Education program designed to train teachers specifically to work with students with special needs or disabilities like Visual disability, Hearing disability & Intellectual Disability.

      Can B.ED 1st year student apply for CTET

      Yes, B.ED 1st year student can apply for CTET if they have their College or University Enrolment no. is generated.

      Can i do PHD after B.ED

      Yes, any student can opt for PHD prog after B.ED if they want Doctorate in a special Field.


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