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micro teaching lesson plan

How to Write Micro Teaching Lesson Plan

Micro Teaching Lesson Plan

Micro Teaching Lesson Plan – A micro lesson plan is a concise and focused series of activities compared to a traditional lesson plan. It typically spans a shorter time frame than that of a normal class, with it being a single class period or part of a single class period. The main objective of the micro lesson plan is to cover something specific, like a general concept or skill shortly and directly. Here is the summary of the key elements and process of micro lesson planning in the b.ed Course.

In the Micro Lesson plan, there are 5 skills i.e.

1. Skill of introduction

2. Skill of Explanation

3. Skill of stimulus Variation

4. Skill of reinforcement and

5. Skill of blackboard Summary.

You can start with the index, Then start with the skill of Introduction. For the skill of introduction in the Micro Teaching Lesson Plan, on the very right side, you will write the name of the teacher, subject, and topic. On the left side, you will write the date, class, and duration.

The right introduction skill is basically when you introduce the topic to the students and you have to ask a minimum of three questions. And those questions can vary between three to five. You have to get the child to that particular topic or that particular subject of the topic which you will be teaching in the class that day.  

If you are teaching nouns, you can ask a few questions related to nouns and make sure that by the end of the third or fifth question, the child gives some answers related to nouns.

(I have shared a set of Pictures just for an example of a micro-teaching lesson plan in picture format, you can change the topic according to your teaching subject)

Then comes the skill of explanation (Micro Teaching Lesson Plan). The skill of explanation will start with the name of the teacher followed by subject, topic, class, and duration. And then in this skill, what you have to do is you have to explain the topic fully. Whatever you have to explain in the class, you can write down that explanation here in this micro lesson plan.

So these micro lesson plans are basically for your help when you go to the class and when you are going to deliver a lecture to the class. So this is a sort of homework which you do, um like a pro on prior hand.

Now comes the stimulus variation (Micro Teaching Lesson Plan). Name, subject, topic, date, class, duration. These things will remain the same all right but there is one thing which will add on here is the third column which is of components.

The first two columns which were of teacher activity and student activity, it will remain the same the third column will be of components. And in this column, you will tell, which component of stimulus variation the teacher is using. There are various components.

For example, the behavior of the teacher, physical involvement of the teacher with the student, interaction with the student, stressing on some part or pausing somewhere or even the gestures which the teacher is making.

So, stimulus variation is basically how the teacher interacts and behaves and makes the class involved with her or him is what stimulus variation is.

Now we have the skill of reinforcement (Micro Teaching Lesson Plan). Everything will remain the same. Name, date, duration, class, even the subject and topic. These six columns will remain the same. You have to fill it out accordingly.

Now you’ll have two columns, one of the teacher activity and the other of the student activity. In this skill, what you have to do is you have to put up questions from the topic or the content that you have taught in the class that particular day.

It is basically for the recallment of the topic. In this way, you will even get to know how much the student has got or how much the student has grasped from whatever you have taught.

Now we have the blackboard summary (Micro Teaching Lesson Plan). This is nothing. but what you will be writing on the board while teaching whatever you will be writing on the blackboard, you’ll have to put down here in this micro lesson plan.

You can write whatever you will be writing on the blackboard according to your topic. You can do is you can even copy the same micro lesson plans down for your assignments and your projects.

Download PDF for all Lesson Plan for all subjects–  B.ed 2nd year Lesson Plan file – Sample files – Hindi or English Medium, Select the one you find best for you, and download and copy the content in your file.



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